• Ultra High-Res Wallpaper (11K)
• Desktop & Phone Versions
• 3:2 Original & 16:9 Crop
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Download Links:
3:2 Desktop Full-Res (11K, 48MB):  Click Here
16:9 Desktop Full Res (11K, 42MB): Click Here

16x9 Desktop Versions:  1920x1080, 2560x1440, 3840x2160, 7680x4320
Phone Versions: Phone 1, Phone 2, Phone 3, Phone 4


About This Project:
I took the photo of the grass back in 2015, and the clouds in 2019. Since the grass photo was taken on my old Canon 5D3, the resolution (22MP) was a lot less than my current R5. So I used AI upscaling software on the grass to double the dimensions. 

In the original grass photo, all the trees had no leaves (it was late fall), so for this image I just used Photoshop's built in tree generator to create some leaves to overlay. The positioning of the trees are still the same as the original. Also, the original was much more bland and less colorful, so much processing was done to create the more surreal vibe I was going for.

As for the clouds, in their original photo they actually were as huge and epic as they appear in this composite. The title doesn't mean much besides that I thought the image looked like some kind of alternate universe.

• 3:2 Desktop Version Max: 11100 x 7400
• 16:9 Desktop Version Max: 11100 x 6244

• Phone Versions: 2160 x 3840

Components & Credits:
• The clouds and grass are from my original photographs
• The stars, nebulas, and trees I procedurally generated with software

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